UNHCR Report: Ethiopians arriving in Yemen are facing dreadful conditions

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(OiPlatform): The U.N. refugee agency, UNCHR, reports that asylum seekers from Ethiopia and Somalia face horrific conditions in Yemen.  UNHCR spokesman William Spindler says the agency intervened on occasions.

The refugees who often arrived by boats are harassed, arrested and mistreated. The report says: “Reports of abuse inside detention facilities are numerous, with some new arrivals being subject to physical and sexual violence. Survivors have described to UNHCR being shot at, regular beatings, rapes of adults and children, humiliations including forced nudity, being forced to witness summary executions and denial of food.” In 2014, 70 Ethiopians died after their boat sank.


Following the civil war in Yemen, many refugees have been complaining about mistreatment in the country.

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