Prime Minster Abiy: Leave no soldier behind, release Taye Dande’a

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

One of the main reasons the Oromo people and others have rallied behind you is because of Taye. With his impeccable integrity, he has told people that the current OPDO organization is the best tool that the country has in order to move forward. When others with better platforms have spoken loudly suggesting that Abiy and Lemma’s team is just the old OPDO that is working to maintain the status quo rotten to its core, Taye has reminded us that the loudest voice in the room is not always the smartest. He has been persistent and consistent in his message of peace, unity, and justice.

When OPDO replaced President Lemma with you, people in diaspora and at home were against the move saying that it was an attempt to kill the reformed OPDO leadership. It was Taye who relentlessly campaigned to counter the doubters. He stated, Lemma and Abiy are one and the same, they work for the same purpose, they work in tandem.


Most importantly:

  • This man has preached about peace. He has told us that politics of retribution has no place in our country. He has underscored that retribution cannot be a goal of any political party or organization.
  • Taye takes his oath of office seriously. With a genuine belief that if do not speak about the gross and manifest injustice against the people in Moyale, what is the point of me taking the oath of office in becoming the communication head of the Oromia Justice Bureau, Taye gave interviews to media outlets. He spoke about the truth that no one dared to even think in those circumstances.
  • He has never called for violent protest nor condoned violence.

When the day arrived for you to become our new PM, many were cherishing your hard-fought victory. Many were optimistic that releasing Taye was only a formality. Yet, that has never materialized. He is still languishing in detention. Mr. Prime Minister, the act of releasing Taye is also a benefit for you: -It is important for you as a Prime Minister to show you mean what you say; You are the Prime Minister; You are the commander-in-chief, you are the highest law enforcer of the land.

Mr. Prime Minister, would you leave one of your brave lieutenants behind? If your focus is on reforming the country at the expense of a deliberate gross injustice to any single soul in the country, no, sir, we won’t take it.




April 15, 2018

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