OiPlatform Editorial Policy

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“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Freedom of expression is awell-established principle under international human rights law. Cognizant of this fact, OiPlatform strongly embraces all ideas that can further discussions pertaining to the current affairs, historical, social, economic and political issues that affect the Oromo community in particular and the Ethiopian people in general. OiPlatform does not censor, it leaves that to the market, yet we give priorities for urgent and pressing issues.



OiPlatform strongly believes that intellectual debate plays an important role in solving problems that our community faces. This belief is based on the acknowledgment of the power that modern media, especially social media, wields in shaping policies and opinions in the society. OiPlatform is cognizant of the fact that:

  • Freedom of expression and of the press are core elements in building democratic institutions, especially in an emerging democracy.
  • Any press has a duty to protect individuals, especially the vulnerable groups against injustices. It is a duty of a press to hold power to account through reporting and analysis.
  • One of the main protectors of freedom of expression and the press is the Press itself. Thus, it should not yield to any pressure from anybody through money or otherwise. It should do its job without fear or favor.

2. Core values

  • OiPlatform is an independent outlet. It does not publish contents based on pressure from vested interest.
  • OiPlatform stands firm for racial, ethnic, religious and communal harmony and political/party tolerance as well as other forms of pluralism.
  • OiPlatform strives to carry stories that are verifiable and accurate.
  • It supports and promotes public debate on matters of community importance for the common good.
  • OiPlatform serves as a news digest. Thus, despite all attempts, some misleading or inaccurate stories might be published. As soon as OiPlatform recognizes the problem, it will act immediately.

3. Oiplatform Objectives

It is the objective of OiPlatform to:

  • Promote understanding of the common grounds and shared goals between different groups in our community.
  • Promote honest discussion about the challenges that our community faces on the daily basis.
  • Provide spaces and opportunities for individuals who have been struggling to get outlets.
  • Provide constructive, balanced, and informative and represent the authoritative voice of our community.


Accuracy and fairness

  • OiPlatform believes in accuracy and fairness- reporting on matters of public interest demands fairness and accuracy. All sides of a story should be reported.

Opportunity to reply

  • OiPlatform is a platform where intellectuals debate on ideas that matter to the society. A writer whose idea is challenged has a right to reply (once).


  • Oiplatform believes in protecting confidential sources of information.


  • When it is about reporting news, OiPlatform believes in factual reporting. When it is analysis and opinion, OiPlatform strongly recommends the writers refrain from misrepresenting the facts.

Offensive and Obscene language

  • OiPlatform does not publish anything offensive, obscene, vulgar, indecent, pornographic, and invasive to someone’s privacy.


  • Oiplatform is a news digest. And it attributes the content the original sources. When analysts write, OiPlatform believes that using someone else’s work without attribution is not ethical.


  • Oiplatfrom stands for justice. Thus, person’s race, ethnicity, religion, or sex and other similar grounds cannot be a factor in all matters.

Acts of violence

  • Oiplatfrom is against violence and its news or stories will not glorify the perpetrators. It will not endorse acts of violence.