Ethiopia Latest: Egypt warns Ethiopia over Nile Dam

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Ethiopia Latest: Egypt warns Ethiopia over Nile Dam


(OiPlatform): Egypt foreign Minister has warned Ethiopian over the construction of Renaissance Dam on the Nile River. The Minister was quoted saying: “everyone should know that Egypt will not accept the status quo … and continues to defend the interests of its people regarding the Nile by several means.”

The warning came as Ethiopia and Sudan refused to accept the invitation by Egypt on the dam project. The Minister, Sameh Shoukry, said: “We’re sorry that we have not got a reply from Ethiopia and Sudan to this invitation, as we miss another chance to implement the instructions of the leaders of the three states.”


The Minister does not explain what does it mean to say ‘several means’? Does it mean war or taking the country to the international tribunal? This is a very delicate situation that the international community must follow very closely. If things go out of hand, the region would irreversibly be in turmoil that would have a massive impact on the rest of the world in terms of refugees, aid, and famine.

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