Ethio-Egyptian Latest: The Egyptian Parliament has activated one of its contingency plans

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April 23, 2018

Associated Press, as reported by Washington Post,  has reported that the Egyptian parliament has passed a bill that prohibits cultivation of crops that are water-intensive. The bill bans the cultivation of bananas, rice, and other crops that are naturally water-intensive. Violators will be punished prison or a fine up to 3000 US Dollars. Egypt has been complaining that the dam that Ethiopia is constructing would significantly reduce the amount of water that the country has been getting for centuries.

Experts from Ethiopia have longtime suggested that one of the best ways to manage the use of water among the upper, middle and lower riparian of the Nile river is by making the necessary adjustment to the types of crops to be cultivated in Egypt. Th experts have suggested that instead of cultivating rice, which is water-intensive, it is much better to cultivate cotton and other crops that are not water-intensive.


The bill will become a law once the president signs it.




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