Breaking News/Ethiopia Latest: Getachew and Samora removed

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Breaking News/Ethiopia Latest: Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed removed Getachew Assefa and Samora Yenus

Prime Minister Abiy has removed Getachew Assefa and has named General Adam Mohammad as a new Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Services. Samora Yenus is also forced to retire and he is replaced by General Seare Mekonnen as Chief of Staff of the National Defense Force of Ethiopia effective today.

The possibility of reshuffling on these two critical posts has been the subject of widespread speculation.

The Prime Minister also forced Abba Dula Gemeda who was named National Security Advisor just two months ago to retire.  Some sources have been reporting that Abba Dula lost the confidence of the Prime Minister for a while. According to those sources, Abba Dula has been engaged in unnecessary activities with some people who are not on board with the reform agenda of the new administration under the leadership of Dr. Abiy Ahmed.


Six weeks ago, Oiplatform reported that Samora and Getahcew could get the axe



Will Samora Yenus and Getachew Assefa get the Axe?

(By EBK): Short Analysis

April 20, 2018

(OiPlatform): PM Dr. Abiy announced his cabinet and the parliament unanimously approved all his nominees. A total of 28 cabinet members were appointed. Twelve of appointees including the Foreign Minister Workeneh Gebeyew kept their original posts. Siraj Fergessa , Motuma Mekassa, and four other Ministers are reshuffled to different cabinet posts. The remaining ten appointees are all new. Notable names among them include: Teshome Toga (Minister of Public Enterprises) and Berhanu Tsegaye (Attorney General).

The appointment is met with mixed emotions. some are already crying foul arguing that there aren’t enough new and qualified names on the list.
the appointment of Abadula Gemeda as the PM’s National Security Advisory, a role that has been held by TPLF for so long combined with the appointment another OPDO official Motuma Mekassa as the Minister of Defense is a significant development. It has brought the potential firing of General Samora Yenus of the Military and Getachew Assefa of the intelligence within the realm of possibilities.

                                          General Samora Yenus
The two institutions, the Military and the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) play the most important role within the government and epitomized the exclusive hegemony of TPLF within EPRDF for the last 27 years. Both are in the forefront of countless accusations of severe human rights violations, arrests, tortures and killings of citizens for over a quarter century and to this very day. Many believe that if the PM can restructure these two institutions and replace the General and the Director, he will be able to exercise his constitutional power in the true sense of the term and in effect significantly reduce the role of TPLF within his new administration.


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